15 Mar 2017

Throughout human history we have been divided by distance, language, cultural and religious beliefs, class and economic hierarchy. Whenever someone comes up with a perspective there seems to always be someone else there with an opposing opinion. To me the power of Ho’oponopono comes, in large part, from the fact that it’s a really rare thing for the vast majority of humanity to be in agreement about anything.

13 Mar 2017

H.R.676 - Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act
115th Congress (2017-2018) | Rep. Conyers, John, Jr. [D-MI-13] (Introduced 01/24/2017

Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act

This bill establishes the Medicare for All Program to provide all individuals residing in the United States and U.S. territories with free health care that includes all medically necessary care, such as primary care and prevention, dietary and nutritional therapies, prescription drugs, emergency care, long-term care, mental health services, dental services, and vision care.

12 Mar 2017

The call came from what looked like a government number. When an immigrant answered, the voice on the other end told him he was in the U.S. illegally and would have to pay $1,550 to stay.

It was a scam, carried out by one of a number of con artists who have been exploiting immigrants' heightened fears of deportation by posing as federal agents and demanding money, authorities say.

10 Mar 2017

Losing workers could put farmers in a pinch.

"Everyone's extremely concerned," Kantrovich said. "Our farmers are scratching their heads, and they know that if things get to a (certain) point they're going to lose their labor. How can they maintain doing what they're doing without labor?"

Farmers and resort owners need migrant labor, but gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and more see increased sales with the influx of seasonal migrant workers, too, Mendez said.

27 Feb 2017

Just following orders

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Let's just get right into this: Something is going very wrong in this country, and it's all happening very quickly. You turn on the news or log into Twitter (something I do about 15 times a day too often) and the headlines just come at you like waves of electroshock therapy.


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